San Francisco

San Francisco

Monday, September 12, 2011


A heartbreaking story of elder care and guardian abuse found on the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA) blog....

"As my friend, Diane, continues to put up a noble effort to overcome court decisions that have consistently denied her of her rights, as well as violated her mother, Dorothy's rights, it became evident that "someone" wanted me to take on a more active role in bringing this situation to light.

For over two years, I witnessed Diane struggle to deal with a judge's power and ego-driven attitude in making his decisions.  His rulings were based on blatant lies by others, testimony and statements that in many cases would be seen as perjury, are what shaped his erroneous opinions of my friend.  It is a dangerous precedent to disparage someone for their behavior when you have nothing more than the hearsay of the people you put in control of an elderly woman, and who is financially benefiting from having autonomy over her.

I decided to do more than just give Diane moral support and have made a conscious decision to let other people across the country know about her battle to save her mother from being unwillingly incarcerated in a nursing home.

My assessment of what has been happening came more into focus.  Dorothy is being used as a pawn by a judge, law guardian and health care manager who all seem to be benefiting from a rift in the family."

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